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Published on 4 years ago

Seth takes a closer look at the Supreme Court's initial reactions to Texas' abortion restrictions.
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The Supreme Court Hears Texas Abortion Case: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Sabrina Grosina 5 months ago


Citizen Y 1 year ago

It takes a special kind of witt, to describe abortion as HealthCare. I would sacrifice witt and not My Children.

Citizen Y 1 year ago

So, it should be as easy for woman to get an abortion as it is for a man to masturbate? or Instead of she could abstain, masturbate or use birth control. Poor women no choices? Must-Kill-Babies-Shut-Up-Must---------

Catherine Rothe 1 year ago

Nobody has the right to take a life.

bigemugamer 3 years ago

10 abortion clinics for 5.2 million women??!! what are we gonna do when all 5.2 million women NEED an abortion?!

Will Coleman 3 years ago

Republican logic: War- Yeah Torture- Yeah Assault Rifles- Yeah The Death Penalty- Yeah Bombs- Yeah Abortion- How could you that's murder (it's not)

Will Coleman 3 years ago

I don't really get pro-lifers. It's not like you're killing someone, you're just killing something that has a potential to develope into something. Saying a fetus is life is like saying a vegetable is life. Technically it is, but it is not sentient. Also, these are people who believe in small government, but want the government to monitor a womens uterus, no way.

Will _ 77 3 years ago

So it is a woman's right to end the life of another human being because she doesnt want him/her or simply doesnt want to go through the pain of birth. If you dont want the child put them up for adoption. At least give them a chance at life. Women should not have the right to end a life of a young, defenseless child period. This so called "right" is just cowardly and selfish

Richard Korpel 3 years ago

I'm binging these closer looks, by casting them to my television. My phone is out of reach in the charger en let me tell you: I really, really get tired of dat stock ending music Every. fucking. time.

GoogleLeviticus19-29 3 years ago

I made a decision TOO, that no "air head" will be the mother of my future kids. By waiting for the wife, these type of women - won't be the mom of my first kid ... The guys on my tab too ... And they WON'T get to abort my kid ever! ( Smart right )?

GoogleLeviticus19-29 3 years ago

No air headed women, will get the 'royal seed' to create my heirs to my throne!

Got it?

GoogleLeviticus19-29 3 years ago

The young people on my tab won ..... the battle
against abortion, by waiting till marriage........ yes!

LordSlag 3 years ago

If it is not ethical or moral to force a woman to be a parent just because a pregnancy occurs, then the same for a man. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR MEN! EQUAL RIGHTS FOR MEN!

argumentativeindian 4 years ago

I personally feel like abortion is OK in very rare cases, but I shouldn't be telling other women what to do with their body. However, one thing I didn't get is that why was consultation before having an abortion seen as unfair and sexist?

Hanibal Channiblo 4 years ago

+argumentativeindian Because it implies that woman aren't able to decide for themselves what they want and need someone to guide them.
It discredits a woman's ability to make decisions for herself.
Like, if she would just talk to someone 24 hours before that, maybe she would change her mind about wanting a fucking baby, you know woman are always so emotional, you can't trust them with major decisions like that

iamlight 4 years ago

YOu can remove your toes, your nose, your ears, whatever but killing a separate person is not a right.

iamlight 4 years ago

It's a separate individual, it has its own complete set of DNA distinct from his or her mother, it's not a woman's organ or part of her body and just because he or she is connected to her via the umbilical cord, it doesn't mean it doesn't have it's own life and heart beat. 

veganWiccan 4 years ago

A fetus is not a separate person, though. Not until it's born and the umbilical cord is cut. Until, that occurs, it is essentially a parasite. And, if you have a problem with that fact, take it up with Science.

iamlight 4 years ago

Constitutional right? Let see: Right to free speech, right to peaceful assembly, right to bear arms... right to abortion? nope I don't think so. Unless he's trying to tie it to the right to privacy which is what they based Roe v Wade loop hole. Abortion is a medical procedure that goes on with minimal informed consent, meaning that many women don't know much of what they're doing to themselves only that they want to do it for 'desperate' reasons. Most medical procedure require informed consent meaning that the person is well informed of all that has to do with it. A medical consultation simply provides that opportunity to women. Did you know that many women change their mind once they see an ultrasound of the "uterine content" (their child in their womb)? They have that right much more than the right to go into a decision that they can't take back blindly.

the unUSEFULidiot 4 years ago

John Oliver did it better