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Published on 4 years ago

Chris Rock introduced former "Clueless" star Stacey Dash by joking, "To introduce the new director of our minority outreach program, please welcome Miss Stacey Dash."
Dash giggled and said, "I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month! Thank you."
If you're wondering what that was all about, here's the joke: Dash is an avowed hater of BET and Black History Month.
The black actress feuded with the network saying, "If we don't want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. It's a double standard."
BET responded by asking her for their money back from a TV movie she was in for the channel.

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Juniano Alexander 4 years ago

hardly anyone black or white clapped for her that says alot about ms Stacey dash and her views on race lol.

Jason P 4 years ago

+Juniano Alexander It only says that liberals run Hollywood.  Big news I know.

Win Win 4 years ago

Stacey Trash

Kevin Wedderburn 4 years ago

So "GANGLAND:WHITE STOMP " is making a comeback to the porno industry making a gangbang video starring "STACEY DASH", and featuring 10 white pornstars in this movie!

WoW WhaT A BalleR 4 years ago

Killed myself after overload of cringe.

Grasshole 4 years ago

uptight conservative white folk won't get the humor.

Grasshole 4 years ago

@Juvell Mckenzie it was funny, maybe you're just dumb and only consider things funny if it's "laugh-out-loud-funny".

Juvell Mckenzie 4 years ago

there was no humor to get ,it just wasnt funny

RE NEWS 4 years ago

Morgan Freeman says same thing HOW come nobody recalls his comments. Oh can't knock him he plays God and the President of the US.

william sewell 4 years ago

well...i mean yeah, and in his rebuttle, you'd lose just because of his voice.

Analisa416 4 years ago

For those of u who think we should give up Black History Month, please look at the other months that the Federal Government, where I am employed celebrates and recognizes with events, speakers and a great sharing of culture. We need this, everyone of every race. If you think you aren't being represented then just don't sit here complaining push for it. Maybe your office can bring someone in to speak on these months and talk about their struggle to be Black, Asian, Hispanic, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Be Disabled, Indian, an a Alaskian.  Leave the hate, it helps no one.January      Dr. Martin Luther King, JrFebruaryAfrican American History Month MarchNational Women’s History MonthMayAsian/Pacific American Heritage MonthJune 26Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride MonthSept 15 --  Oct 15National Hispanic Heritage MonthOctoberNational Disability Employment Awareness MonthNovemberNational American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month

Brownkevin7 4 years ago

I don't get all the hate against her besides that fact she's a fox news shill.Like yeah b.e.t is kind of embarrassing and it is a double standard, but I don't know black history month seems reasonable to me since we should all celebrate our heritage.

bobwatters 4 years ago

+tayslick10 “36wildboy” on14 It being important to you does not make it any less of a double standard or discriminatory. History of all races and ethnicity should be EQUALLY important, having a month for one race and NO other races is obviously discrimination.

Brownkevin7 4 years ago

@tayslick10 on14 Yeah i get that its important and like i said i see nothing wrong with celebrating your culture, but that used to her job i just dont really get why people hate on her i agree i dont really see the help b.e.t provide and if there was a W.e.t or H.e.t people would be mad and it is kind of a double standard.

Tray Day 216 4 years ago

1800 choke that hoe

Lashawn M 4 years ago

Sad to say "CLUELESS" fits! lol

Segdirb 4 years ago

If you say anything negative about anything black -you are being a racist or anti-black! When are blacks going to stand up on their own and stop using all the CARDS when things don't go their way? Now you get called out by one of your own and everybody just can't believe it. You better be glad I was not on that stage - they would all be running out of there in horror after I got finished! I would even pull a line from Little Richard - SHUT UP! and still keep ripping them a new ass!  I just can't stand black people - damn leeches!

Segdirb 4 years ago

+samh09 I saw the interview! He said he did not want a black history month and was offended that it was being recognized that way,.

samh09 4 years ago

+Segdirb Morgan Freeman has said the same thing Stacey Dash has and he is on the other side of the aisle, but people here seem to forgot that or they just don't know it. Go ahead you tubers. Please Google Morgan Freeman and read what he said and how he feels about Black History month. It's very similar to what Stacey Dash is saying but people here want to call her an idiot and not Morgan Freeman. Hmmmm.....

Voodoo Man 4 years ago

Meanwhile...Stacy Dash appears from backstage after wiping her lips off and smelling like white man's dick to further show how ridiculous she is.

Jonfanin Todie 4 years ago

What does "white man's dick" smell like exactly? Hahaha

CJ Zanders 4 years ago

I actually thought when Chris Rock said, "But enough about black people. He'res Sarah Silverman," was more funny. You don't get any whiter than Sarah Silverman.

Lechiffresix six 4 years ago

@Jason P
who is she though ?

Jason P 4 years ago

+CJ Zanders Yes you do....just ask Eddie....f*ck who you see winning the miss America pageant miss America is Brooke Shields all year every year.

Lechiffresix six 4 years ago

+CJ Zanders its the nose

william sewell 4 years ago

+CJ Zanders true

Jullie Chira 4 years ago

worst Oscars ever! all about black people being discriminated. Dear black people, unless you make out of yourselves victims, no one does! I haven;t heard any actor saying "he's black, I am not working with him". I am sick of this black people topic. We love you!

DimensionZombie 4 years ago

i deserve an oscar because i am not white.... give me an oscar... or else u are racist!!!